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mardi 11 juin 2013

L’équipe ERC SOGIP, sous la responsabilité scientifique de Irène Bellier (CNRS/EHESS, IIAC/LAIOS) , a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence que donnera

Arturo Escobar

Kenan Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Director, Institute of Latin American Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill

Territories of Difference : The Political Ontology of ‘Rights to Land’

Mardi 18 juin 2013 : 15h - 17h

EHESS, Amphithéâtre François Furet, 105, Bd Raspail, 75006 Paris
Traduction en français et espagnol vidéoprojetée

This presentation argues that the rights of indigenous people and afrodescendant and peasant communities to their territories can be seen in terms of two intertwined processes : the problematization of ‘national’ identities, with the concomitant emergence of indigenous, afrodescendant, and peasant identities ; and the problematization of life, with reference to the crisis of biodiversity, climate change, and the intensification of environmental destruction by extractive industries. Both processes converge in the territorial conceptualizations and practices maintained by communities and their ethno-territorial organizations in many parts of the world. The paper develops a framework for the political ontology of territories. By interrupting the globalizing project of constructing One-world (capitalist, liberal, secular), many indigenous, afro-descendant, and peasant communities may be seen as engaged in ontological struggles, that is, as involving other life models. These struggles can be interpreted as important contributions to ecological and cultural transitions towards a world many world fit (the pluriverse). The argument is illustrated with the case of afrodescendant struggles in the Colombian Pacific region, particularly their reframing and radicalization of territorial struggles against the armed, developmentalist, and extractivist onslaught of the past ten years.

Contact : SOGIP - 190 avenue de France 75013 PARIS
information : yves-marie.davenel

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