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Call for papers: Ethical and Deontological Think Tank (EDTT) of the Swiss Ethnological Society

Friday 9 December 2011, by Vincent Battesti

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Having taken a stand on the ethical issue in empirical research, the Ethical and Deontological Think Tank (EDTT) of the Swiss Ethnological Society (SES) wants to open the discussion to external contributions. Researchers are invited to write and submit case discussions that contribute to the debate. These case discussions have to be based on personal research experience and are intended to document ethical issues that the researcher faced concretely. The author may also describe and justify the type of answers that he/she chose. The accepted papers will be published on the website of the SES (www.seg-sse.ch)

Far from wanting to set up itself as a “controller” or a “guarantor” of ethics, the members of the EDTT reject any moralizing approach and wish to encourage the exchange of experiences. They propose to consider, in an educational and reflexive way, the different “moments” in research and their issues. The purpose is to demonstrate that ethnologists/anthropologists give great importance to the ethical dimension, though their actual responses have to vary according to specific contexts (therefore to the common issues of ethics correspond a broad pallet of responses, which echoes the particular epistemological space of social sciences).

Contributions may be written in French, German and English and will have to focus on a particular moment of research,
a) fieldwork (from the preparation to the return from the field, including the fieldwork itself),
b) restitution of results to the various interlocutors,
c) teaching,
d) publication and data filing.

Privileged will be the contributions which will underline not only the specificity of the ethical issue from the point of view of the researchers facing other institutions, but especially the way every context of research obliges to negotiate adapted responses according to various interlocutors.

We invite you to send your contribution of 6’000 – 8’000 signs maximum (spaces included) with a summary of 1’500 signs (spaces included) before February 15th 2012 to the following address: julie.perrin unine.ch

- Timeline:
• 15/02/2012: reception of contributions for internal review by the EDTT
• 15/03/2012: feedback from reviewers and possible requests for modifications
• May 2012: publication on the website of the SES

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Call for papers

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