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Medical Anthropology Young Scholars (MAYS) 2012, Nanterre

Sunday 20 November 2011, by Afea

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MAYS, 3rd annual meeting


Founded in 2009, MAYS connects more than 250 BA students, MA students, PhD candidates and postdocs in Medical Anthropology, from European universities and research institutions. MAYS 3rd annual meeting (conference + skills lab) will take place in Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense in July 2012.


The Annual MAYS Meeting 2012 will take place in Nanterre, France, on July 9th-10th.
NB - From July 10th-13th, the main EASA conference will take place there as well.

Deadline for abstracts is January 31st 2012.

Registration and abstract submission only through the online form at http://www.mays-easa.org/p/mays-201...


Monday, July 9th | thematic panels

Our annual meeting will be organized as follows: we will have a number of thematic panels where you have the chance to present your work in 20 min presentations.

Unlike last year in MAYS 2011 in Warsaw, this time we will not have pre-organized panels on certain topics, for two reasons:
* our meeting is shorter;
* we want to offer the opportunity to practice the presentation of papers which will later be presented at the EASA conference, and therefore have to keep the meeting open to different topics.

Your abstracts (max 250 words) may include:
* papers you want to present at the main EASA conference,
* as well as separate presentations of your work.
Papers will be grouped into thematic panels by the meeting organizers, and we will find discussants for each thematic panel who will comment on your work.

Tuesday, July 10th | skills lab

We only have half a day for our event because the EASA conference starts in the afternoon.

We plan on using this time for a workshop on practical issues relevant to all of us, including:
* how to write an abstract,
how to present a paper,
* how to write applications,
* how to get your paper published, etc.

Please feel free to email us if:
* You have suggestions what else should be included in this “HOW TO...” workshop;
* You know people who would be willing to serve as trainers/mentors on these issues, or if you yourself would like to share your knowledge.

MAYS coordinators: Susann Huschke, Claire Beaudevin

You can join MAYS and stay tuned through MAYS google group (http://tinyurl.com/MAYS-EASA) and website (http://www.mays-easa.org/)

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